The Best Real Estate Company in Istanbul Turkey

the best real estate company in Turkey
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Finding the best real estate company in Istanbul Turkey may become an exhausting task for foreigners who are interested in investing in Turkish real estate.

Most real estate companies in Turkey chose Istanbul as a headquarter for their companies.

They should be able to provide the following.

Firstly: Experience in the Turkish real estate

When looking for a real estate company in Istanbul Turkey you should look into the experience they have.

An experienced real estate company will assist you in the process of buying a property in Turkey.

And find the best property with the best conditions and offers.

An experienced and well-established real estate company in Turkey will be able to reduce the time and effort put into finding the best property in Turkey.

A real estate investment opportunity is rare and the experienced real estate agent will be able to hand it for you once available.

An experienced real estate company can eliminate the risks involved in buying a property in a foreign country.

So, in the first stage of your search make sure to contact more than one real estate company and choose the most experienced company to assist you in finding the best property with the

Secondly: Contacting Previous Clients

Before choosing to move forward with the real estate company you should ask for contact information for previous clients who can share their experiences.

Client-to-client information is always helpful in forming a clear idea of their services and how closely they follow their mission statement.

Thirdly: The Ability to Provide Options Matching your Requirements

One of the most important points that you need to pay attention to is choosing the property investment opportunity that matches your needs and requirements, your budget, for example, which varies according to the reason behind investing in Turkish property.

Once you have informed your property consultant about the specifics of your real estate investment, they will be able to provide you with choices that match your requirements.

The quality and number of choices provided by the real estate company determine how good the company is, providing many matching choices means that they are putting effort into finding a suitable choice for you.

The more projects the real estate company in Turkey has the more opportunities they offer.

Fourthly: The Services Provided by the Real Estate Company in Turkey

At this point, you have to inquire about the services the real estate company in Istanbul Turkey is offering.

The services should include:

1- a list of before sales services

detailed tours to properties that suit your requirements

the free legal consultations.

2- After-sales services that may include

property management

reselling the property

and the legal paperwork concerning Turkish citizenship and the Turkish residency permit.


Fifthly: Constant Follow Up  

When you decide to move on with a specific Turkish real estate company you have to pay attention to their follow-up techniques.

The constant and efficient follow-up to minimize the time of making the right deal at the right time.

Some clients may perceive this as a technique to push the sale.

But in fact, it is the best way to be introduced to the best offers and opportunities in the Turkish real estate market.

Sixthly: Team Work

The real estate company in Turkey should have a team of consultants.

Consultants should be willing to go the extra mile for their clients.

A full professional team means connections. This affects your property deal in Turkey directly.

Because the more connected the real estate company the more opportunities they offer.

Management involvement in selling operations is very important.

It also guarantees the company’s ability to take responsibility and ease up the process of buying a property in Turkey.

 Seventhly: Visit the Real Estate Company in Turkey

You should start planning your visit to Turkey after choosing the real estate company that meets your requirements.

Visiting the real estate headquarter and meeting the people you have been talking to in person may be a good idea.

This also helps you to investigate their level of proficiency.


Buying a property in a foreign country is usually a stressful process, but choosing the best real estate company in Istanbul Turkey guarantees to change the process into an informative and exceptional experience.


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