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Maximum Property is one of the leading companies in the field of property management in Istanbul, where we provide our services in a professional way through a specialized team of consultants who supervise the progress of all technical and legal matters without any delay or obstacles. Istanbul property management service is one of the most important services that a foreign property owner in Istanbul should consider. So how can a foreigner who owns property in Istanbul benefit from Maximum Property management services?

Sometimes, and due to special circumstances, the foreign property buyer cannot personally come to receive their apartment in Turkey, so we, at Maximum Property Management, receive the apartment on behalf of the owner. We also make sure that the property conforms to the specifications upon which the purchase contract was signed with the construction company, and we make corrections if necessary. The apartment number, area, and all the details that have been agreed upon in the contract are verified, and we also receive the title deed (tapu) and send it to the customer directly. From a legal point of view, one of our team members is granted a power of attorney that includes the tasks that he must perform on behalf of the property owner.

There are many details related to property tax in Turkey that are absent from the minds of foreign property owners. One of the most important of these details is to extract a statement from the municipality to which the property belongs, from the date of obtaining the title deed. Our team extracts this statement on your behalf. After obtaining the statement, we calculate the taxes and debts accumulated on the property, submit a statement to the customer, and then pay them on his behalf. We also inform the complex management when the ownership of the property is transferred, so that the service charges on the property can be calculated from that moment. As for the importance of this service, it lies in avoiding the accumulation of taxes and benefits for non-payment in a timely manner.

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The Maximum property Management team represents the property owner in the rental and resale process through a power of attorney that authorizes us to carry out the tasks related to these services. We sign a contract with the owner of the property that includes the conditions for running the property for a specific period in exchange for an agreed fee for this service. We rent the apartment according to conditions set by the property owner. We also provide a resale service, and foreign property owners in Istanbul who wish to sell their properties benefit from this service. Upon completion of the sale, the amount of the property is transferred directly to the owner’s account by the buyer.

Our team provides a bundle of legal services that a foreign property owner needs in Turkey, and these services include residency permits bank accounts, extracting the tax number, following up on Turkish citizenship applications, tax exemption requests, extracting the title deed, opening water, electricity, and gas meters in addition to Client representation service during management meetings of the compounds in which their properties are located.

We also help in the field of furnishings, which is one of the necessary services through which we ensure the provision of the highest possible quality at the best prices. We provide many options that suit the request and taste of each individual client, we provide you with a final design for approval and then start implementation. We have a strong relationship with the best local and international furniture companies, and we can get discounted price offers that suit everyone’s tastes and budgets. A team of designers and interior engineers prepares multiple options and designs based on the client’s request, with a breakdown of the budget required to implement the designs after taking the necessary approvals within a time plan to be determined with the utmost precision.

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Maximum Property provides its integrated services as quickly and efficiently as possible with the promise to achieve the full satisfaction of our clients. And the formation of true long-lasting friendship with our customers based on trust and mutual respect that is achieved through professionalism and honesty.

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