How to buy a property in Turkey?

We offer you a guide to buying a property in Turkey through some tips and steps that you can follow to get your perfect real estate opportunity.

By following these steps, we ensure that you buy a property in Turkey without experiencing any difficulties or obstacles.

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1- Narrow down your options

You must specify the goal of buying a property in Turkey, whether it to live in it, investment, or with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship. You must also specify your budget, whether it is a down payment and organize the monthly installments, or if you want to pay the full price of the property, and if the property is for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship, the allocated budget must exceed the amount of 250 thousand US dollars.

It is also necessary to know the suitable residential and investment areas in the city in which you want to buy a property. When talking about foreigners buying a property in Turkey, we find that the city of Istanbul ranks first because of the diversity of real estate in it, the importance of the city’s tourism, economy, and location, and it provides all the needs of foreigners in terms of job opportunities, schools, universities, and others.

2- Choose your real estate agent

The real estate agent in Turkey helps you in the search for the right property within the data that you have specified. It also provides complete information, whether about the property you want to buy or the region in which it is located, and the real estate agent must be aware of all and every legal matter related to buying a property in Turkey by foreigners.

A good real estate agent helps you make the right decision at the right time and place and works with you from the beginning until the end of the property purchase process and what comes after including legal services, after-sales services, and property management services. It is necessary to mention here the importance of hiring the best real estate agent who will be with you step by step and help you avoid falling victim to frauds that other foreigner buyers in Turkey have fallen victim to.

3- Tours to visit projects

Your real estate agent provides you with actual and virtual tours to visit the appropriate options for you and check all the details related to the property, the project, and the area as well to make sure that they all fit your request. The specialized real estate agent arranges the tour so that all the available options that suit your choice are visited to make a calculated and decisive decision to buy a property.

دليل تأجير عقار في تركيا

4- Final negotiations

You can get excellent offers with the help of your real estate agent because a good agency has strong relationships with construction companies and sales offices all around and can accordingly negotiate on your behalf to obtain certain discounts or additional facilitations related to monthly payment plans, for example, or the first payment percentage in case the client wishes to buy a property in Turkey by installments.

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5- Reservation of the property

It is one of the steps that many overlooks, because they often do not know how important it is in getting the best possible offers. The process of buying a property is not an easy thing and perhaps the most difficult thing is finding the perfect property. When you visit projects within tours, it is important that you book the property in case you like it, but you want to visit other options. If you do not want to buy the property that you have reserved, you can cancel the reservation and get refunded within a period not exceeding one week or 10 days.

When you book the property, you fix its price as well, since property prices tend to rise dramatically and suddenly during short periods of time, may it be due to the construction stages that the project is going through, high demand and other factors that affect real estate prices in general.

6- Buying the property

You must, at this stage, prepare the documents required when buying a property in Turkey, and contracts for the purchase of the property are signed between the construction company and the client, and all details related to the property are documented in these contracts. In addition to the total property value.

The importance of these contracts lies in their role in protecting the rights of both the seller and the buyer. It has recently become possible to use these contracts in submitting applications for Turkish citizenship if the title deed for the property has not been issued, and here the real estate purchase contracts must be certified by the Notary.

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