How to sell your property in Turkey

If you own a property in Turkey and want to sell it, you must take several things into consideration to achieve the best possible deal.

We will provide you with a set of steps and tips that will help you sell your property quickly and with the highest possible return.

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1- Choose the right time to sell your property.

Choosing the right time to sell your property in Turkey is one of the most important points that you must take into consideration. If you do not have to sell your property sooner rather than later, slow down, take your time and study the market first in terms of demand for buying properties in Turkey. You may have to seek the help of experts in this field to help you make the right decision at the right time.

2- Ask for the right price.

You must determine the price of the property in proportion to its technical condition and in proportion to property prices in the area in which it is located. You cannot determine the price of your property based on the amount you need in exchange for selling it or based on its emotional value. By asking for the right price for your property you are speeding up the sale.

3- Some maintenance work

Some minor repairs that the property needs may contribute to a significant increase in its value when selling, so you must provide the necessary budget to carry out these repairs before you offer your property for sale. You can also renew the paint of the house, for example, or change the water faucets and improve the lighting. All these simple things will help increase the value of the property.

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4- legal and financial check

You must solve any legal problems related to the property you want to sell in terms of the integrity of the title deed and the information in it, in addition to preparing the sale contract and all the legal details related to the sale process. From a financial point of view, you must pay all taxes and debts on the property from bills and others before offering your property for sale.

5- Hiring a property manager

This may be the only step that you must take to ensure that the process of selling your property in Turkey is done in a simple and fast manner. The property manager provides all services related to the matters of preparing your property to be listed for sale, and even the property management company’s team puts your property within their portfolios of properties they are promoting, thus exposing your property to a greater number of potential buyers.

The specialized property management company team also provides a list of the technical and legal matters that must be dealt with to ensure an easy and fast sale of the property, and they also assist you in setting an appropriate price for the property and help you in achieving the highest possible return upon completion of the sale process. And you can sell your property in Turkey without your presence in it by using a property management company.

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