Buying a Property in Turkey in 9 Steps

buying a property in Turkey step by step
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Buying a property in Turkey is a goal for many people for so many reasons. Besides investing, buying a property in Turkey has many advantages.

Here we are listing the steps for buying a property in Turkey summed up in 9 basic points.

Before buying a property in Turkey, there are important steps to follow in order to make the right deal in the right place with the right people.

1- Determining the area before buying a property in Turkey:

The Turkish real estate market is known for its variety of options. It offers different types of properties in various areas.

So the first step in buying a property in Turkey is choosing the area and determining the budget.

This process is the most time-consuming. But it has a major role in making buying a property much more relaxing and less time-consuming later on.

2- Choosing the best real estate agent to facilitate buying a property in Turkey:

After determining the area and budget of the property finding the best real estate agency is the second step in buying a property.

This step may be hard due to the huge number of real estate consulting agencies in Turkey, so when choosing the best real estate agency, you should look for companies with years of experience and this will reduce the time limit to find the right property.

One way of making sure you are talking to a good real estate agent is looking for previews clients who are willing to share their experience with you and through the company’s profile on the internet and social media.

3- Keep in touch:

Once you have contacted the right real estate and property agent you should keep in touch with them and let them know if any of your requirements had changed, because your agent will be able to provide you with updated offers and you can consult with them regarding an area or type of property.

If you were able to build a good relationship with your consultant it is guaranteed to have them place more effort in finding you the best opportunity.

4- Visit Turkey:

Visiting Turkey is considered one of the most important steps when considering buying a property in Turkey especially if the reason behind buying a property in Turkey was for residency.

If you are considering relocating your residence to Turkey you should visit the area or district you have chosen to see the quality of life and it is better if you compare two or three areas as this will give you more options.

5- Field trips:

Visiting properties helps you to create a clearer idea about the properties.

Well-designed property field trips reduce the time and effort invested in buying a property in Turkey.

The agent designs These trips according to the client’s preferences and may include some other options.

These trips are usually free of charge among many other services provided by good real estate agencies.

6- Negotiations and final price:

Real estate agencies usually conduct negotiations on the client’s behalf.

The more connected the agency is the better stand they have for negotiating and winning a better deal.

The final price provides a good opportunity to acquire the best property in turkey for the best price.

7- Reserve the property:

 One of the most important steps is to reserve the property.

Many property seekers think it is only a technique the agent uses to make the purchase or to push the client into making a decision.

But this is not entirely true. reserving the property means fixing its final price.

The properties in Turkey are paid for by the Turkish lira and it is subject to change on a daily basis.

Sometimes it changes from hour to hour. In maximum property, the deposit is refundable within 10 days.

8- Appoint a solicitor by power of attorney:

The task of the lawyer is to conclude the purchase.

The lawyer will be also able to translate all contracts and provide advice during the signing of the final documents that leads to acquiring the deed.

The lawyer will also be responsible for following up with applications to obtain the residency permit, as well as applying for Turkish citizenship once you have purchased the property.

This service is also among the free services we provide our clients within Maximum Property.

9- The final step in Buying a Property in Turkey: Receiving the title deed (Tabu) :

This is the final step in the process of buying a property in Turkey. The client receives the title deed after

doing all the legal work and after all, parties have fulfilled their sides of the agreement.

After receiving the title deed the process of applying for the Turkish residency starts.


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