Your Guide to Mersin City in Turkey

the city of Mersin
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Mersin city location

Mersin is located on the Mediterranean Sea in the south of Turkey, surrounded by the city of Adana from the east, Antalya from the west, and Konya and Nida to the north.

The city of Mersin is 942.6 km from Istanbul, and it can be reached by bus or private car using the E90/D750, O-4 highways, or by train on a journey that lasts 10 and a half hours, and it can be reached by flight from Istanbul airports on a trip that is an hour and a half long.

The distance between Mersin and Antalya is approximately 482 km, you can reach it from Antalya by private car in approximately 7 hours and 20 minutes, while the estimated time for those wishing to go by public bus is 9 hours.

Temperatures in the Mersin range in the summer between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius, and the temperature in July and August may reach 40 degrees Celsius, while in the winter it rains heavily, as temperatures reach 10 degrees Celsius.

The city is famous for agriculture, especially citrus fruits, bananas, and strawberries, and vegetables and fruits are available at lower prices than in other large Turkish cities.

Municipalities of Mersin

Mersin is one of the largest cities in Turkey and consists of a metropolitan municipality that includes other municipalities. which is next:

  • Akdeniz
  • Anamur
  • Aydincek
  • Bozyazi
  • Camlayayla
  • Erdemli
  • Gunler
  • Mezitli
  • Mut
  • Silifke
  • Tarsus
  • Toroslar
  • Yanisehir

The regions of Akdeniz, Mezitli, Yenişehir and the Toros are the central regions of the state. The city center is located between the port and Yenişehir.

Transport in the city of Mersin

  • The metro is under construction
  • All roads are rejuvenated
  • Infrastructure projects are being constructed

Mersin is the main port of Turkey, hosting ships from hundreds of international ports, so the city is open for business and trade.

There are ferries from Mersin in Northern Cyprus. Anyone who wants to visit the northern part of Cyprus can take advantage of this great opportunity.

The internal public transportation infrastructure is also very convenient.

Dolmus minibusses are available to take you from Mersin to any part of the beach along the seashore. All services are operated according to a regular schedule and a single-payer system by Mersin card or bank cards is in use everywhere.

It is also necessary to mention that there is a new bus station in the city. From there you can get to any city in Turkey.

Speaking of public transportation in Mersin, we must also mention the high-speed intercity trains, which can be used to reach the nearby cities.

Universities in Mersin

  • Mersin University: It was established in 1992 and includes 12 colleges, 5 institutes, 7 schools and 19 research centers.
  • Taurus University: It was established in 2009 in the Taurus region, which is only about 19 km from the city of Adana.
  • As for private schools, they vary between Turkish schools and international schools accredited by the Turkish government.


Tourism in Mersin

Mersin is called little Istanbul because of the many similarities between the two cities.

The nature of Mersin makes it a city that everyone wants to live in not just visit!

  • Mountains
  • The beaches are serviced by parks and paths suitable for bicycles
  • Strong infrastructure for sports facilities due to hosting the Mediterranean Games in the city
  • Archaeological sites
  • Mega malls such as Forum, Palm City, Saya Park, and Soli Center, in addition to a huge mall under construction that includes a commercial complex and offices.
  • The most beautiful marina in Turkey contains a large number of yachts, restaurants, and cafes.


Jobs in Mersin

Also called Little Istanbul due to its population and cultural diversity.

The city offers opportunities to establish a business in the field of import and export, travel and tourism, and maritime transport.

Breeding poultry and fish farms, raising cattle and livestock.

The free zone market in the city includes more than 500 companies.

Properties in Mersin

An urban boom in Mersin, high investment returns, real estate diversity, apartments, villas, chalets, and projects with different features, including water parks.

Mersin is ranked third, after Istanbul and Antalya,  in terms of the number of foreigners who buy real estate in it.

The projects are distributed on the coast of Mersin, which extends over an area of 321 km.

The increasing demand for real estate makes Mersin the focus of attention of many foreigners, especially Russians, who want to live in it due to the proximity of Mersin to Antalya and Alanya.

Statistics show that real estate sales to foreigners in Mersin have doubled over the past three years


2021 2022
1313 properties 2513 properties

3653 properties


This makes the city one of the most important emerging cities in the field of real estate investment, and the evidence is that the construction movement in the city is constantly accelerating.

A large number of huge construction companies are heading to the city to establish housing projects that compete with the projects of Istanbul and other major cities.

There are vast areas suitable for urbanization in the city, especially on the coastline that extends along the city and is characterized by its sandy beaches suitable for swimming.

The urban acceleration in the city and the increasing demand for real estate make it a very suitable area for investment.

As for the nature of life in it, it is very suitable for families who want to live in quiet areas away from the crowds and noise, in addition to providing all the things necessary for daily life at lower prices, as the cost of living in Mersin is lower than other major cities.

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