Buy cheap apartment in Turkey


Many foreigners are looking for the opportunity to buy a cheap apartment in Turkey.

The Turkish real estate market provides various options and opportunities to foreign buyers, including cheap apartments.


Buy a cheap apartment in Turkey


You can buy a cheap apartment in Turkey in many areas of Istanbul.

These properties are continuously advertised either through real estate companies and/ or by their owners directly.

A cheap apartment is found in popular areas of the city, in old buildings that are more than 10 years old.


Although buying a cheap apartment in Turkey saves a lot of money,

in many cases, this opportunity carries with it many disadvantages.


Disadvantages of buying cheap property in Turkey


Firstly: In terms of the problems related to debts and taxes on the property,

it may cause you problems that you can avoid by buying a new property with the help of specialists.


Secondly: The real price of the property, as some owners often register a different price in the tapu (title deed)

then the real price of the property to pay less tax.

This is not in your interest if you want to resell the property in the future.


Thirdly: A cheap apartment offered for sale directly through their owners may need repair,

which means you will end up paying large sums to make it habitable or even to be able to sell it again.


Fourthly: Location, you may already be able to buy a cheap apartment in Turkey,

but its location plays the largest role in determining its price.

Some areas do not have any real estate future.

which means property prices will not raise, which means it is not suitable for investment.

The areas in which a cheap apartment is located may be uninhabitable in terms of lacking safety,

transportation, and other service facilities.


Therefore, based on the above, we advise you to take advantage of the free services provided by real estate consultation companies.

The Turkish government monitors their work closely.

Among the services provided by these companies is legal and investment advice based on long experience and deep knowledge of the Turkish real estate market.



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