Best Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

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Best real estate investment in Istanbul can not be restricted to one type only.

Foreign investors can find what they are looking for in many different locations in Istanbul.

In this article, we will provide examples of real estate investment opportunities in Istanbul.


Best Real Estate Investment in Istanbul


  •  Luxury apartments in Istanbul

Investing in Luxury apartments in Istanbul has many merits.

Especially if the foreign investor was thinking about moving to Turkey and making a home in Istanbul.

Investing in luxury apartments in Istanbul would make a good decision.

Luxury apartments are usually roomy, suitable for families, and located next to universities, schools, and transportation.

Two examples of the best real estate investment in Istanbul in Luxury apartments is MAX- 247.

This project is one of the few projects in the historical and central area of Beyoglu.

The other example is MAX- 092. This project is located in Kadikoy in the Asian part of Istanbul.

It is built according to European standards, with full services.


  • The Best Real Estate Investment in Istanbul in Commercial Properties

Due to its location, there is an increasing demand for commercial properties by both local and foreign investors.

Istanbul is a city where locals are choosing to migrate to, equally leading to an increase in the demand for rent.

Investing in commercial properties is one of the best investment opportunities with guaranteed returns.


In Istanbul, a foreign investor can buy a commercial property with a rental guarantee.

The amount of the monthly guaranteed income varies from one project to another.


Contact us to have more information about Investing in commercial properties in Istanbul.


  • Sea View Investment in Istanbul

An investor can find these real estate opportunities all around Istanbul.

As a matter of fact, Istanbul is surrounded by sea, straits, and lakes, which gives architects the chance to create projects with stunning sea views.

Beylikduzu is one of the attractive provinces on the European side of Istanbul for foreign investors.

Moreover, apartments with sea views in Istanbul are close to the city center and are highly accommodated.

Some examples of sea view investments in Istanbul are MAX-252 and MAX-096.

These two projects provide the investor with an increasing value of their investments.


You can find more about sea view investment in Istanbul here.


  • Lakeview investments

There are two major lakes in Istanbul buyukcekmece and kucukcekmece.

These two areas are witnessing a huge construction movement.

Thus investing there a very suitable opportunity for investors who are looking for a good return for their investment.

Property prices are on the rise in these two areas.

They also present very appealing opportunities for investors especially villas for sale in Buyucekmece with lake views, private swimming pools, and huge sizes.


  • Affordable real estate investments in Istanbul

Affordable apartments in Istanbul do not necessarily mean less quality or away from the city center.

In fact, what is amazing about Istanbul is the fact that there are cities within the city itself.

As a matter of fact, Esenyurt is a developing district in Istanbul with great investment potentials, apartment prices are always on the rise there.

An apartment in Esenyurt in a residential compound cost around 60 thousand dollars.


  • Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

One of the opportunities for real estate investment in Turkey in general, and in Istanbul in particular, offers citizenship for the investment.

By investing with only 250 thousand dollars a foreign investor can become a Turkish citizen.

You can get Turkish citizenship by investing in both commercial and residential buildings.

That is the reason why foreign investors prefer buying more than one property.

Investment monthly or yearly returns provide extra profit for the investors besides owning a property in Istanbul.


Real estate investment in Istanbul has proven profitable for the last 10 years.

In light of the fact that real estate prices in Istanbul are always on the rise, if an investor decides to sell their property, they will gain a substantial profit.



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