What is Property tax in Turkey?

property tax in turkey
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Property tax in Turkey may be a hidden tax for foreign property owners.
Here we will learn about property tax and its value and when it is usually due.

What is Property tax in Turkey?

This tax has been imposed on real estate owners in Turkey, whether they are foreigners or citizens.
The property tax is organized according to Article 8 and Article 18 of the Real Estate Tax Law which was passed in 1970.

What is the property tax value in Turkey?

The value of this tax is calculated based on the type of property and the region in which it is located.


Property Type Outside Major Cities Inside Major Cities
Residential 0.01 0.02
Other Properties 0.02 0.04
Farm Lands 0.01 0.02
Lands 0.03 0.06


For more information on how to calculate the value of this tax, you can follow the link:
Calculate the value of property tax in Turkey


When is it due?

Property tax is paid in Turkey over two periods of time in a year, the first payment is due until the end of May.

The second installment can be paid up to the end of November in the same year.

For example, the property tax must be paid in 2020 as follows:

The first: until 05/31/2020
The second: until 30/11/2020

Where to pay it?

The property tax is paid in Turkey in the municipalities to which the property belongs.

For example, if the property belongs to the municipality of Basaksehir, the tax must be paid in the municipality of Basaksehir.

This tax cannot be paid using bank applications unless there is an agreement between the municipalities and the banks.

But in general, this tax can be paid either in cash or by credit card.

What are the documents required to pay property tax in Turkey?

The municipality to which the real estate belongs must be visited to obtain the real estate statement and the date of transfer of ownership.

According to the statement, the debts resulting from the real estate will be calculated in the municipality itself.

The Maximum property team provides this service to foreign real estate owners in Istanbul where after obtaining a photocopy of the passport, tax number, and a photocopy of the title deed, we can pay the tax in time without accumulating its value.

For more information on the property management services provided, you can contact us now.

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