Types of Property Investment in Turkey 2022

types of property investment in turkey
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Types of property investment in Turkey vary in 2022, based on numerous economic, geographical, and political factors that shape the form of real estate investment, but what is universally agreed upon is that real estate is the safest investment, which does not fail; on the contrary, its value increases and multiplies based on essential aspects, such as the level of supply and demand within the market, the economic purchasing power of the individual, and the investment methods and options offered.

Maximum Property will help you to achieve the highest investment returns in the long term, and maximize all the other privileges of investing in the Turkish real estate market.

 Types of Property Investment in Turkey in 2022

Property investment  in Turkey varies according to different factors, such as the status of construction:

1- Under-construction

 The Property under construction in Turkey is deemed one of the best methods to invest in the real estate sector due to its low purchasing value, which increases with the construction process’s progress due to the adopted protocol by Turkish construction companies.

The selling price per meter within under-construction projects is sold at the cost’s price at the beginning of the construction procedure, and as the construction stage progresses, each 3 to 4 months, the value of one meter is raised between 30% to 40%.

 For instance:  the price of one meter was purchased at a value of $1,000 at the beginning of the construction process, which usually takes between one to four years; upon delivery, the price per square meter is estimated at $3800 to $4700 Min.

The value for each meter and the increasing percentage varies from one company to another, according to each of the sites, the quality of the used materials, and the surrounding services within the project site

 The possibility of benefiting from the property to obtain Turkish citizenship

It has been approved to submit the file of Turkish citizenship by submitting the easement tab for projects under construction, provided that the property meets all the legal requirements for a suitable property for obtaining Turkish citizenship

2- Ready-to-move

Ready-to-deliver property is also an ideal method for real estate investment in Turkey. The time factor distinguishes it from under-construction real estate, as the investor can receive the profits from operating the property directly.

However, the purchasing value per meter will undoubtedly differ from the purchasing cost in projects still under construction.

The value of the square meter will constantly evolve if they buy a property in the government’s district’s modernization plan.

Whether in infrastructure or expanding existing services within the same municipality, such as developed transportation or social, educational, and recreational services that facilitate people’s life.

Turkish Citizenship Properties 

As for the possibility of benefiting from real estate investment within the ready-to-deliver real estate concerning obtaining Turkish citizenship, it is definitely the best and safest option.

Due to the readiness of the title deed, the process of applying for Turkish citizenship to foreign investors begins directly after completing the cash transfer process to the construction company’s account in Turkey

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