The advantages of real estate investment in Turkey

the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey
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The advantages of real estate investment in Turkey depend on many factors.

Real estate investment in Turkey is one of the successful investments that provide many opportunities for foreign investors.

The advantages of real estate investment in Turkey

  • Real estate prices in Turkey

Real estate prices in Turkey are competitive in comparison with the prices in Europe.

Because of the abundance of real estate in Turkey and its variety, special offers are provided by construction companies to encourage foreigners to buy properties in Turkey.

  • Facilities for foreigners

The Turkish government continuously supports construction companies.

Some projects are guaranteed by the Turkish government in promising regions such as Bahcesehir, Basaksehir, and Basin Express.

The government guarantees the completion of construction at the announced times and continuously tracks construction companies’ activities to ensure its commitment to the declared deadlines and the high quality of construction within the conditions and laws in force.

  • Construction companies in Turkey

Turkish construction companies occupy a world-class position in terms of the huge projects that they are constantly constructing all over the world.

Construction companies in Turkey operate according to international foundations and standards to produce huge residential and investment projects that meet all needs and tastes.

  • Real estate investment with a guaranteed return

One of the most important advantages of real estate investment in Turkey is projects that provide a guaranteed profitable return to investors.

It is represented in hotels, student housing, and even residential projects where the investor can sign long-term investment contracts to ensure a long-term return on investment of up to 30%.

  • Infrastructure and laws governing foreign investment

The Turkish government is constantly working to develop laws that regulate real estate investment for foreigners in Turkey. The laws guarantee the rights of the investor and protect him from any manipulation or exploitation that he might be exposed to.

At the same time, the Turkish government is providing facilities for foreign real estate owners in Turkey in terms of residency and citizenship and working with a system of agencies that contribute to facilitating the buying and selling operations from a distance.

  • Real estate marketing companies

The Turkish government also organizes the work of real estate marketing companies that provide many services for foreign investors. These companies operate according to laws and regulations that contribute to protecting the rights of the investor and other services aimed at securing all the information necessary for the investor to facilitate the process of ownership of the property in Turkey and living there.

The advantages of real estate investment in Turkey are not limited to these points only, but in case the real estate investment programs in Turkey are compared with others all over the world, we find that Turkey provides the best real estate investment programs.


Turkish citizenship for real estate investment in Turkey

One of the most important advantages of real estate investment in Turkey is obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The foreign investor obtains Turkish citizenship when purchasing a property or several properties valued at more than $ 250,000, with the condition of retaining ownership of the property for 3 years.

Thus, the investor gets a Turkish passport, which ranks excellent globally, as it is possible to travel to more than 120 countries without the need to obtain a visa in advance.

Many foreigners want to live in Turkey because of its geographical and social mediation between Europe and the East. Where many consider it a suitable place to live and settle and to secure a good future for the family.

Turkey has a global health and education system. In addition to this, political and economic stability provides a suitable opportunity for establishing successful businesses and projects.


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