Real Estate Investment Return in Turkey

real estate investment return in turkey
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There are various ways to generate real estate investment returns in Turkey in the long term.

However, depending on the type of the property, whether it’s a residential or commercial property, ready to move or under construction, the specifications of the property may differ entirely in terms of value, location, payment methods, interior space, and other features that must be taken into account:


1- Residential  Properties in Turkey 

The Turkish government is working to reduce the interest rate on buying real estate in Turkey, which has led to a growth in the purchasing demand rate among Turkish citizens and foreigners alike.

Thus most major cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara, the capital, became ideal destinations for real estate investment, mainly since the services also varied greatly, whether in education, health, tourism, and international trade sectors.

Consequently, the residential property in Turkey has become a successful investment project, through monthly or annual rental, for different social groups, whether university students, given that Istanbul has more than 25 public and private universities, employees, and families.


Leasing a residential property in Turkey would guarantee 8-9% rental revenue out of the total value of the property, mainly if the purchased property is located within the modern compounds that have witnessed a massive construction boom in most megacities in Turkey, in terms of resale, leasing’s demand as well.


2- Commercial Properties in Turkey

Commercial  properties in Turkey are divided into two:


1- Offices and Shops

Turkey’s commercial real estate market simulates the scarcity concept, which offers a few supplies but witnessing high demand; both the resale and renting the commercial property would accomplish considerable revenue.

Even after considering the unstable exchange rate of local currency in Turkey, the commercial property can achieve 12-13% return on the investment in rental income.

In terms of reselling a commercial property, a double profit can be achieved after choosing the perfect timing for promoting and selling the property.

One of the most significant advantages of commercial real estate is the possibility of including multiple investors in one application for obtaining Turkish Citizenship due to its high purchasing value.


2- Hotels 

Hotel properties in Turkey offer the highest revenue, following specific methods of guaranteeing the annual income, depending on signing (Rental Guarantee Contracts), that pledges the property’s investment income whether it’s rented or not.

 Investing in commercial properties in Turkey, especially hotels, offers additional contracts besides the (Rental Guarantee Contracts) under the title of (Pool-System Contracts), which also pledge the sharing of a specific percentage of the total revenue for a minimum of ten years, these contracts are usually renewable. 

One of the most prominent advantages of buying a hotel property is the property management service, which the hotel coordinates; such a service helps save time for foreign investors due to the lack of language and limited time to manage the property.

Regardless of the real estate investment method, you might be interested in, finding a trustworthy partner is the primer step to finalizing the process of buying a property in Turkey and successfully making a fruitful profit.

So Maximum Property, with its vast experience in the real estate market and its professional team, will assist you in reaching the safe port of the thrived investment you’ve aspired to build in Turkey; connect with us today and let us draw the beautiful beginnings with you.

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