Property Prices in Turkey: Cheapest Properties in Turkey

Property Prices in Turkey Cheapest Properties in Turkey
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Property prices in Turkey differ according to the location and quality of the property. It is very likely to find the cheapest properties in Turkey through the help of real estate agents in Istanbul Turkey. Property prices in Turkey are cheap when compared to prices in other European countries.


Property Prices in Turkey: Cheapest Properties in Turkey


Factors that determine property prices in Turkey:


• Location: the location of the property in Turkey plays a major role in determining its price. In some cases, property

prices differ in the same neighborhood in Istanbul for example.


• Property space: usually the price of a property goes up according to space, i.e. the more space the more the price.


• Longitude: the higher the floor is, where the property is located, the higher the price.


It is necessary to consider contacting a real estate agent in Turkey to have a clearer idea of property prices, as they

can offer the best prices and discounts on Turkish properties.


The average property prices in Turkey in 2019


Property prices in Istanbul

Istanbul real estate market is considered one of the largest and most versified in the world, due to strategic

location, exquisite nature, and the high quality of its construction.


• Properties in Esenyurt: cheapest properties in Turkey


Esenyurt is one of the modern construction sites in Istanbul.

It is also considered the first option when foreigners start considering buying properties in Turkey.

Moreover, its location near to the new airport in Istanbul and the highly attended to infrastructure projects in the area made it one of the best areas to buy a property in Turkey.


It is highly likely to find the cheapest property in Turkey in Esenyurt. A property of a 40 square meters apartment costs 4000tl/square meter.



• Properties in Beylikdüzü


Firstly Beylikduzu is one of the cheapest places to buy property in Turkey with Seaview.

Secondly, It is one of the most beautiful areas for buying properties in Turkey.

Thirdly Beylikdüzü is located next to the Marmara Sea.

Fourthly It offers a variety of properties for foreigners.

Above all, some properties in Beylikdüzü may cost 4500tl/square meter, in an area with high demand on rent which makes it a very good area for foreigners to invest in properties in Turkey.





• Property Prices in Turkey: Properties in Bahcesehir


Bahcesehir is one of the first destinations for foreigners who are looking for investing in real estate in turkey.

Bahcesehir is suitable for families due to a large number of international schools and universities there as well as

highly rated medical institutions.


A property in Bahcesehir may cost 4500tl\square meter. Bahcesehir is the nearest area to the new Istanbul airport.



• Properties in Avcilar


Avcilar is one of the most beautiful cities in Istanbul, overlooking both the Marmara Sea and Küçükçekmece lake.

A property in Avcilar may cost 4500-5000tl/square meter.


• Properties in Gazi Osman Pasa


Gazi Osman Pasa is part of downtown Istanbul, and it is possible to find the cheapest properties in Turkey in this

side of Istanbul.

The approximate cost is 4300tl/square meter.


• Property Prices in Turkey: Basaksehir Istanbul


In addition to its strategic location near to Istanbul’s new airport and near to the Canal Istanbul project.

Basaksehir is an attractive area for foreigners thinking about investing in real estate in Turkey.

The approximate cost for properties in Gazi Osman Pasa is around 4300tl/square meter.


  • Property Prices in Turkey: Basin Express


This area may not contain the cheapest properties in Turkey, but it is one of the most successful investment

attractions in the real estate in Turkey for foreigners.

In addition to that, Basin Express is one of the newest and fastest-growing areas when it comes to real estate in Istanbul Turkey.

The approximate cost of a property in Basin Express is 7000tl/square meter.

Additionally Projects in Basin Express provide opportunities for foreigners who are interested in investing in the Turkish real estate market.


You can find more information about the prices of properties in Turkey here.



Knowing more about the Turkish real estate market became easier with the help of the Turkish real estate

companies, who can provide a clearer idea of the cheapest properties in Turkey and who also

provide you with the necessary advice to proceed with your property investment.


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