Documents for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship Documents 2022
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Recently, various lawful methods have been submitted to create several options for investors interested in creating the real estate or banking investments in Turkey to facilitate and expand the foreign investment gate in front of global investors in Turkey.

Therefore, and over the years, several modifications have been implemented to the laws and the legalizations affiliated with granting Turkish citizenship to foreign investors.

Among the items amended in the laws on obtaining Turkish citizenship are the legal papers and documents that the foreign investor must submit within the Turkish citizenship file. So in this article, we are informing you about the  Documents for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship:

First: What is The Law for Obtaining New Turkish Citizenship:

At the beginning of 2022, the Turkish government amended the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship, the one related to purchasing real estate property in Turkey, regarding the cost and the required legal documents.

However, the most significant modification over the legal regulations is increasing the amount from 250,000 $ to 400,000 $ for each application that qualified the foreign investor to grant Turkish citizenship to his family, wife, and children under 18.

According to the economic experts, the amount of obtaining citizenship in Turkey will be boosted due to the rapid and continuous development within the real estate market, the infrastructure, and the mega projects of Turkey, especially in the major cities, such as Istanbul, Ankara the capital, Izmir, and blue coastal Antalya.

Secondly: The Required Documents for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship:

1- The title deed or selling contract stamped by the Turkish Notary: The title deed is extracted in Turkey from the title deed administration within the municipality where the property is located.

2- Real Estate Appraisal Report: The real estate appraisal in Turkey is granted a maximum validity period of 3 months from the grant date. The real estate appraisal includes the actual value recorded on the title deed, the grant date, and the expiration date.

3- The Original Bank Payment Receipt: The original transfer receipt belonging to the buyer must be attached and stamped by the sending bank if it is released outside or inside Turkey.

4- Original Bank Receipts: The seller’s receipt must also be attached, and it must be stamped from the receiving bank in Turkey

5- Passport Translation: The passport must be translated into Turkish for each file owner in addition to the accompanying persons, the wife, and children under 18, and it must be certified by the notary public in Turkey (Notre).

6- A Copy of The power of attorney: A copy of the legal power of attorney is granted by the foreign investor to the lawyer authorized to apply for the Turkish citizenship file, which must be attached. The lawyer who will be in charge of following up on the naturalization file will be the Turkish official department.

If the agency is sent by a foreign embassy in a foreign language, the agency must be translated and registered with the Turkish notary (the notary).

Note: After finalizing and gathering all the required legal papers by the file owner and his family, all papers issued from outside Turkey must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the foreign country, in addition to attesting and stamping them at the Turkish embassy in the foreign country.

However, it may not be possible to complete the registration of the papers with the Turkish embassy in the foreign country; thus, all that must be done is to bring the legal papers, translate them into the Turkish language, and attest them at the embassy of the foreign country on Turkish territory, and then register them with the Turkish notary (Noter), in addition to documenting them when Turkish governor.

As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to amend the legal papers, delete some of them or add more legal documents, given the possibility of raising the investment value to obtain Turkish citizenship.

So before it is too late and the value of real estate ownership in Turkey is raised to obtain citizenship, please hurry up and let the team of Maximum Company will communicate with you, and provide you with all the details related to buying a property in Turkey, whether it is a villa with sea views in Istanbul or residential apartments or investment in Turkey, contact us today, let’s draw the beautiful beginnings together.


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