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After the amendment to the naturalization laws in Turkey in 2018, foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship through several methods, including real estate investment, bank deposit and investment in economic projects. Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property is one of the fastest and least expensive ways. You can obtain a Turkish passport for you and your family members within 3 to 4 months from the date of purchasing a property or several properties worth more than 250 thousand dollars. Real estate investment to obtain Turkish citizenship has many advantages. In addition to obtaining the Turkish passport, which occupies an advanced rank  internationally, the investor gets the opportunity to achieve a high investment return within a short period of time.

bank deposit

By depositing at least USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira in Banks operating in Turkey for 3 years.

Investing in Turkey

By making minimum fixed capital investment of USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira.

Real Estate Investment

By acquiring a property or properties worth a minimum of USD 250,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira.

Visa-free travel opportunities with Turkish passport

115 countries

You can travel visa-free to 115 countries with a Turkish passport

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Stages of obtaining ​ Turkish citizenship

The steps and stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for a real estate investment are simple and uncomplicated. We start working from the moment you contact us to search for suitable opportunities for you and help you in obtaining the necessary documents and then submitting applications and following them up until you become a Turkish citizen.

Questions And Answers

Residency in Turkey is not required to obtain Turkish citizenship through property investment.

It is now possible to obtain a Turkish identity and passports through the Turkish embassy in the country of the investor.

Turkish citizenship by investment programs do not require that the foreign investor give up their nationality upon obtaining Turkish citizenship.

More than one investor can obtain Turkish citizenship through partnership in purchasing a property, provided that the value of one’s share exceeds $ 250,000.

The investor must submit an application that contains all the required documents to the concerned party, as these requests are studied by more than one party, in order for the application to obtain Turkish citizenship to be approved.

he spouse and children, under 18 years old, can become Turkish by including their names in the citizenship applications.

It takes more than 90 days for the citizenship applications to be evaluated, reviewed and for the president to sign the declaration.

Yes, investors who buy properties for the amount of more 250,000$ in different cities in Turkey can apply for the Turkish Citizenship.

There is not any laws that force the applicants to change their names or last names in the Turkish law, applicants are free to keep their original names or they can change their names.

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