Beyoglu is one of the most beautiful and important tourist areas in Istanbul and is the art, culture, tourism, and entertainment center in the cosmopolitan city. It represents the best combination of historical heritage and modernity, as this region is about 4,500 years old.

 Beyoglu is on the European side of Istanbul, between the southern part of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, where it is connected to the old city via the Golden Horn, Galata Bridge, Ataturk Bridge, and the Halic Metro Station Bridge. And the famous Istiklal Street is also located in it. It is 42 km from Istanbul airport, and 48 km from Sabiha International Airport.

This area consists of several neighborhoods, including Karakoy, Tophane, Shishhane, Qasim Pasha, Cihangir, Tebashi, Tarlabashi, and Dulabdere.

Beyoglu is a vibrant, fully serviced tourist area that includes many buildings, shops, hospitals, easy and fast transportation, and many private international schools, including French, German, and Italian schools.

As well as its proximity to several prestigious Turkish universities, in addition to many other social facilities that meet all the needs of its residents and visitors.

Shopping and tourism centers in Beyoglu

Due to the historical and cultural depth of Beyoglu, it is a major destination for tourists to visit, learn about its archaeological features, and enjoy its atmosphere. Among the most famous tourist attractions in Beyoglu are:

1- Taksim Square:

Taksim Square is one of the most famous landmarks in Turkey, as it is the tourist icon of Istanbul because of its historical and contemporary flavor, so it is an important place for visitors and tourists from different countries of the world to enjoy the shopping experience from its wonderful commercial markets.

2- Istiklal Street:

Istiklal Street is one of the most famous streets in Istanbul, it is over 3 km in length. The historical Tramway passes through it. The street also includes many archaeological and tourist buildings, shops, libraries, galleries, cinemas. In addition to theaters, it also includes many embassies, consulates, and many famous restaurants, cafes, and Turkish pastry shops that offer the most delicious Turkish delights.

3- Galata Tower:

This tower consists of 9 floors with a height of 67 meters, it is one of the oldest and most beautiful towers in Istanbul. Its visitors can see and explore a number of Istanbul regions, including Fatih, Eminonu, Uskudar, Taksim, and the Gulf of the Marmara Sea.

4- Qamar Hatton Mosque:

The name of this mosque relates to the turquoise color of the tiles in it, it was built in 1511 and was named after the nurse of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the First. Qamar Hatton Mosque is 223 square meters and accommodates about 150 worshipers.

5- Flower Street:

Flower Street is one of the oldest places in Beyoglu where there are flower shops that sell flowers in all their forms and shapes. Visitors enjoy its charming, calm, and elegant atmosphere inside its cafes and restaurants.

It is worth noting that Beyoglu is a huge commercial area as it is an important tourist attraction. So it contains many Turkish and international shops and stores that provide visitors with an enjoyable and unique shopping experience that satisfies all tastes.

Means of transportation in Beyoglu

The region contains many means of transportation that connect Beyoglu with all other regions of Istanbul. Among the most important means of transportation in Beyoglu:

  • Metro: The metro line connects Beyoglu to Sisli on one side and Fatih on the other side.
  • Taksim Tramway: The only means of transportation that people use on Istiklal Street back and forth, and it is one of the oldest means of transportation in the region, as it dates to 1911.
  • Buses: Beyoglu is a hub for all types of buses to all areas of the city.
  • Sea ferries: which are one of the most important transportation methods in Istanbul, especially between the Asian and European sides of the city, have many stations in the Beyoglu area.

Schools and Hospitals

Beyoglu is one of the cultural centers in Istanbul, it also has some of the oldest schools in the city.

Some of the schools in Beyoglu are:

  • Galatasaray Lisesi
  • Galileo Galilei Italian School
  • Ihsan International School

Universities in Beyoglu include:

  • Okan University
  • Istanbul Kent University
  • Istanbul Galatasaray University
  • Halic University

Hospitals in Beyoglu vary between private and public ones and include:

  • Galata Medical Center
  • Ebne Sina Hastane
  • Medical Help Turkey

In addition to many other private hospitals and clinics in Beyoglu in almost every street.

Properties in Beyoglu

As we mentioned before, the distinctive geographical location that the Beyoglu area occupies, and its historical and touristic nature, with all social, entertainment, and educational facilities in it, made it an investment attraction, as investors are increasingly buying properties in Beyoglu day after day despite the high prices of apartments there. Compared to others, this is a strong indication of the importance of the region in terms of real estate investment, which yields certain profits for those wishing to invest in it.

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