Yalova: The Backyard of Istanbul

Yalova City The Backyard of Istanbul
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Yalova city is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities,

which is distinguished by its beautiful green nature and wonderful beaches.

The city attracts many tourists from all over the world.



Information about the City of Yalova


Yalova city is on the northwestern side of Turkey on the eastern shore of the Marmara Sea.

Bursa to the south and Kocaeli to the east, and only an hour away from Istanbul.

The city has many forests and beautiful beaches, in addition to its mineral baths,

which are a tourist attraction to many people for treatment and relaxation.

Waterfalls abound in the city, which makes it a tourist destination to spend special time for all family members.

It can be reached from Istanbul through several media of transportation, in addition to the private car.

Water ferries can be used from the European and the Asian sides of Istanbul.

Ferry traffic is more active in summer while less in winter.

As for the mineral water springs and ponds, which reach a temperature of 65 ° C, they can be visited and enjoyed at all times.



Yalova City: Real Estate


The city offers a variety of options related to buying properties in Yalova.

Properties in the city vary between apartments and villas with stunning sea views.

It is possible to find apartments with different systems to suit all needs.

As for the villas in Yalova, they maintain privacy for residents.

The privacy of residents is one of the most important issues in all residential projects in the city.


Real Estate Prices in Yalova


Property prices in the city vary according to their type, area, location, and history.

If you are looking for a 1 + 1 apartment in a modern and full-service complex,

you can buy an apartment with these specifications near the city center for less than $ 40,000.

But if you want to buy a villa, for example, with a size that exceeds 400 square meters, you can at a price of $ 335,000.

In addition,  construction companies provide continuous and distinctive offers for those wishing to buy real estate in Yalova.


It must be noted that although the city of Yalova is famous in the tourism sector,

Yalova is one of the best Turkish cities to live and settle in.

It has all the services that make it a suitable place for families as there are international schools.

In addition to private and government universities, also private and public hospitals as well.

Furthermore, the proximity of Yalova to Istanbul also makes it a suitable place to live and settle down, as it is, as the Turks call it, the backyard of Istanbul.


For more information about our projects in Yalova, you can contact us now.



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