Turkish citizenship by Investment

Turkish Citizenship
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Turkish citizenship by investment is a new plan that many investors from the middle east and north Africa,

and Arab nationals living in European countries and the Gulf, are seeking at the moment. It can be obtained in 90 days only.

Turkish citizenship by Investment

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment has four main types with very simple conditions to follow.

A foreigner can turn into a Turkish citizen by making one of the following investments.

  • Turkish citizenship by Investment in Real Estate

A foreign investor can turn into a Turkish citizen by buying a property for the amount of $ 250K.

The family of the investor also qualifies for citizenship, in addition, the spouse and children aged 18 and below.

When buying a property in Turkey the investor has the right of full ownership of the properties,

In other words, they are free to sell the property after three years of buying it, or they can rent it immediately after buying it.  As well as, The right to bequest the property to the legitimate heirs.

  • Deposit $500k USD to a Turkish Bank

An investor is qualified to obtain Turkish citizenship by depositing 500 thousand dollars,

or the equivalent of the amount in Turkish lira, to a Turkish bank.

However, the condition for this investment is not to withdraw the deposited amount for three years.

  • Acquire Government Bonds of Minimum $500K USD

A foreign investor can obtain a Turkish passport by purchasing government bonds

and bills with the condition of holding them for three years.

  • Founding a company in Turkey and hiring 50 Turkish nationals

According to the Turkish laws,  foreign investors obtain Turkish citizenship by founding a company in Turkey and employing 50 Turkish employees the investor

How long does it take to obtain Turkish Citizenship?   

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by investment differs according to the type of investment.

Usually, it takes up to 90 days provided that all documents are ready.

The investor along with their spouse and children who are 18 years old and younger are granted a Turkish passport.

All applications and legal work is done by our team as part of our after-sale services.

Why choose Maximum Property?

Because we offer a package of full services including planning field trips to see around projects in Istanbul and other Turkish provinces.

we help in choosing the best investment that suits our clients’ needs and budgets.

Furthermore, our exquisite after-sales services make it easier to obtain the right property or properties to obtain Turkish Citizenship by investment.

Contact us for more information about Turkish Citizenship by investment.

Why invest in Turkey?

Because Turkey has a growing economy, therefore, it is an appealing environment for investment.

Furthermore, the Turkish government is working on developing laws to encourage investors from all over the world to invest in Turkey and gain the profits of their investment.

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