Turkish citizenship by investment 2019

Turkish Citizenship Conditions

  Turkish citizenship conditions are easy to fulfill. It is safe to say that the easiest way to obtain Turkish citizenship is through real estate investment.   Turkish Citizenship Conditions   There are 3 main ways to obtain Turkish Citizenship:   Residency: one of the Turkish citizenship conditions is to stay in turkey for 5 consecutive years. Marrying a...

Buying a property in Turkey by installment

Buying a property in Turkey by installment is one of the attractive points for buying properties in Turkey. Foreign property investors in Turkey can buy properties in installments that can last for more than 5 years.   Buying a property in Turkey by installment Before buying a property in turkey by installment or cash it is important to make good research. The research will lead, as well,...

Turkish citizenship by Investment

Turkish citizenship by investment is a new plan that many investors from the middle east and north Africa, and by Arab nationals living in European countries and the Gulf, are seeking at the moment. It can be obtained in 90 days only.   Turkish citizenship by Investment   Obtaining the Turkish citizenship by investment has four main types with very simple conditions to follow. A...

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