Statistics and Sales of Real Estate Turkey 2020

statistics and sales of real estates in Turkey
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According to Turkish real estate statistics 2020, at the beginning of the year, the Turkish real estate market had its best performance in eight years.

Real Estate Statistics in Turkey 2020

Despite the global crisis caused by the Coronavirus, the Turkish real estate market proved strong and sales of all types of properties continued without stopping.

Real estate sales in Turkey in 2020

According to the statistics released by TURKSAT, the Turkish Statistical Institute, real estate sales in Turkey were as follows:

The number of homes that were sold in Turkey from January 2020 to May 2020: 434,757

77512  houses were sold in Istanbul

Followed by Ankara, where 4,163 houses were sold

Then Antalya where 21805 were sold

As for the properties that were sold to foreigners in Turkey in 2020, they reached 12,598 houses in total.

Istanbul, as always, ranked first, with 6172 properties sold.

Followed by Antalya, where 2431 properties were sold.

Then Ankara, where 784 properties were sold to foreigners.

These numbers are until May 2020.

Statistics show that the city of Istanbul is witnessing the largest demand for buying real estate due to many reasons.


Why Istanbul?

Istanbul is characterized by a special charm that combines the beauty of nature, multiculturalism, and economic strength to be the destination of many for housing, investment, and tourism.

Istanbul is the most populated European city with an estimated population of 15 and a half million people.

Because of its rapid population growth and the increasing demand for real estate in Istanbul, it has become one of the most important real estate investment destinations in the world.


Istanbul has been the focus of many infrastructure projects, for example, the length of its metro tunnels reaches 1.023 km.

One of the most important mega infrastructure projects that have been built in Istanbul is Istanbul Airport.

The cost of construction amounted to more than 10 billion euros, to accommodate 150 aircraft and 150 million visitors annually.

Also, the Istanbul World Trade Center, which will make Istanbul a competitor for both Dubai and Moscow.


The historical, strategic, economic, and cultural values gave Istanbul special importance, which made it a global center for business and tourism.

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