Real Estate Investment in Turkey 2020

real estate investment in Turkey 2020
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Real estate investment in Turkey 2020 is drawing more attention to it.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute house sale in Turkey in 2020 has increased by 55.8% in January.

This increase will have a positive effect on real estate investment in Turkey in 2020.


Real Estate Investment in Turkey 2020


The Turkish real estate market witnessed a good start in 2020.

In January 2020 the number of house sales reached 113615 units. Istanbul had the highest share, then Ankara and Izmir.

The house sale increase in Turkey was also noticed in the number of real estates that foreign buyers bought during January 2020.

Real estate investment in Turkey has been on the rise since 2018, due to the new laws and the decrease of the local currency exchange rates.

Furthermore, the number of house sales to foreigners in Turkey in January 2020 registered a 23.3% increase in comparison to the same month in 2019.

These statistics indicate that real estate investment in Turkey in 2020 is going to witness a boost.

The turbulences in the Turkish economy did not affect the real estate market.

On the contrary foreign investors are drawn to real investment in Turkey for many reasons.


Why invest in the Turkish real estate market

  • Buying a property in Turkey is free of complications.
  • Foreigner property owners in Turkey have full ownership rights.
  • Legislations and property laws help protect foreign investors in Turkey.
  • Property prices in Turkey are reasonable if not cheap when investors compare them to other countries.
  • The Turkish real estate market offers a wide range of options.
  • There are long-term real estate investment opportunities in Turkey.


There are many factors to look into before deciding to make a real estate investment in Turkey in 2020, including:


  • Location: The property location is connected directly to the price and value of the property.

The best location to choose is in the areas where there is a high demand for rent.


  • Diverse investment: the Turkish real estate market is famous for the diverse opportunities it offers.

Besides it also offers a high return on the investment that reaches 10% of the property value.

Some projects also offer the opportunity of property resale with a 40% return on the investment.

Real estate companies in Turkey are responsible for providing clients with these offers.


  • Professional help: the advice of a professional real estate consultant is very important.

It is vital to contact a trusted real estate consultant that will reduce the effort and time spent in finding the best real estate opportunity.


Foreign investors are showing more interest in all investment opportunities in Turkey, especially in real estate.

The easier and faster way to make the right investment, and to land the best opportunity is to contact a real estate consultancy.


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