Apartments for Sale in Maslak Istanbul

  • 213.864
Maslak, Quatar Street, Reşitpaşa Mahallesi, Sarıyer, Istanbul, Marmara Region, 34467, Turkey
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Apartments for Sale in Maslak Istanbul

Maslak, Quatar Street, Reşitpaşa Mahallesi, Sarıyer, Istanbul, Marmara Region, 34467, Turkey
  • 213.864


Maslak is one of the classiest districts in Istanbul, in the municipality of Sariyer.  

Maslak has always gained the most attention from Turkish officials. Many sultans have chosen it to be their place of residence, as it is the residence of many foreign officials who chose Maslak because of the beauty of its nature.

Many embassies are still standing on that side of Istanbul next to Belgrade forests. As is the case with Turkish real estate in all neighborhoods you can see a 35-story building next to a mansion where a sultan used to live thousands of years ago.

The District of Maslak and its Importance

Maslak is located in the northeast of the European side of Istanbul overlooking the forests of Sariyer.

Its population is around 10 thousand people. Its architecture is a combination of modern skyscrapers and ancient mansions.

Due to its proximity to phosphorus, it has a very promising future. 

What is special about Maslak?

  • A growing area with a promising future for investing in Turkish properties.
  • Mega shopping centres all over the district.
  • Developed medical and educational facilities.
  • The tallest tower in Istanbul is in Maslak.
  • The unpolluted area because of the lack of industrial facilities.
  • One of the most suitable districts for family residences.
  • Strategic location and beautiful nature.

Maslak is known to be one of the districts where families find it to be calm and safe, with facilities that make it more interesting like coffeehouses, famous restaurants, and shopping malls.

The future of Maslak in relation to properties in Turkey

Like many other districts in Istanbul, Maslak is an ever-growing district with a high-speed construction movement which makes it very appealing for foreign investors as well as the locals.

The properties in Maslak are suitable for investors who are looking to gaining Turkish citizenship.

Many international companies chose Maslak for their headquarters. The district is known for the high demand for renting which makes the area very suitable for investors.

One of the most distinctive projects in Maslak is MAX-099

MAX-099 Location

It is located near to TEM international highway, one of the most important highways in Turkey.

Its located only 1km away from the phosphorus. Only 20 minutes away from the Asian side of Istanbul.

It is also surrounded by many shopping centers.

MAX-099 is situated in a highly-serviced area close to a metro station that is scheduled to be active by the end of 2019.   

MAX-099 is suitable for investors who are looking for apartments for sale in Maslak and considering investing in Turkish properties because of the project’s modern interior and exterior designs with unique facilities.


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  • کد ملک: 099
  • قیمت: 213.864
  • Land Area: 10
  • Bedrooms: 64m-332m
  • Rooms: 935
  • City Istanbul
  • Area Maslak
  • Country Turkey

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