Moving to Turkey 2020

moving to Turkey 2020
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Moving to Turkey in 2020 is a decision that many foreigners take for a variety of reasons.

Turkey is distinguished by its cultural diversity and is a beautiful link between the orient and the west.

Living in Turkey can be viewed through different perspectives, such as the cost of living as well as the quality of life in Turkey.


The Cost of Living in Turkey in 2020

The cost of living in Turkey in 2020 varies from city to city.

But most of the information is concentrated around Istanbul as it is the first destination for foreigners in Turkey.

When comparing Turkey with other European and even Arab countries, we find that the cost of living is low.

We find that the prices of foods, house rents, and utility services bills and the costs of legal residency in Turkey are much lower than for example the Arab Gulf countries.

As for food prices, they are very suitable for everyone, regardless of the individual’s income.

The Turkish government provides support for some basic products to ensure that they are available to all.

Because of the traditions of weekly bazaars spread over all Turkish lands, it becomes very easy to provide daily necessities at affordable prices.

In terms of residential rents in Turkey, they differ from one city to another, and differ in the city itself, according to the location and the novelty of the construction.

For example, in Istanbul, apartment rentals range from 750 liras to 5,000 liras per month, according to location, area, and services.

Monthly bills in Turkey include water, electricity, household gas, and internet bills and are calculated according to the monthly consumption.

One of the advantages of paying the bill’s system in Turkey is the ability to pay all bills through the application of the bank account on the mobile phone.

As for public transportation, it is characterized by its diversity and spread in all regions, especially in Istanbul, and its wages are considered low if they are compared with others.

The Turkish government is constantly developing its transportation network, as it was recently announced that the first Turkish-made electric train will be put into service next September.


The Quality of Life in Turkey

Turkey ranks seventh in the world in terms of the best countries to live and work in. Turkey provides many job and investment opportunities, especially in Istanbul.

What guarantees a good quality of life in Turkey is the advanced health care system.

As the health sector has proven its strength through the Coronavirus crisis.

Where we find that the health system in Turkey has maintained its capacity, while health systems in many European countries have collapsed.

Health insurance fees in Turkey are considered low for foreign residents if they are compared with other Arab and European countries.

What also raises the standard of living in Turkey is the advanced and internationally recognized educational system, especially Turkish universities.

Universities in Turkey vary between public and private, which provide educational opportunities that will contribute to securing a good future for your children.


If you are considering moving to Turkey in 2020 you should consider owning a property as it is one of the main factors the contributes directly to stability.


Contact us for further information regarding moving to turkey and buying properties.

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