Measures to Control the Spread of Coronavirus in Turkey

coronavirus in turkey
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The Turkish government has taken many measures in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

The first coronavirus case in Turkey was announced on the tenth of March 2020.

In this article, we will mention the updates related to coronavirus in Turkey.


Measures to Control the Spread of Coronavirus in Turkey


Before mentioning the measures that the Turkish government has announced to control the spread of coronavirus, we will state the numbers until 25 March 2020.


Timeline of Corona cases in Turkey as of 25 March 2020


The Turkish health minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca announced the first case of coronavirus infection in Turkey on March 10, 2020.

The number of infected cases decreased to reach 2433 cases and 59 deaths.


The Turkish government has shown a fast response to the COVID 19 pandemic from the very beginning.


Precautionary measures by the Turkish government to address the Coronavirus


The Turkish government is issuing instructions and recommendations first-hand to ensure the application of safety instructions to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, and among these instructions:

  • Activating remote learning for all education until 30 April, 2020


  • Reducing working hours in some shops, closing cinemas, canceling concerts and other public events to reduce gatherings to the minimum.


  • Reducing the number of workers, at any space of work, activating remote working when applicable.


  • The government also reduced the number of public transportation mediums, and commit to reaching a 50% occupation ratio in all public transportations.


Among the financial measures that the Turkish took to alleviate the current situation of people with low incomes,

the government will provide direct financial support to about 2 million families.


  • The government has also raised the salaries of retirees


  • It will provide support to workers with the minimum wages.


  • Postponing the payment dates for the expenses of medium and small companies until the date of 30 June 2020.


  • Lifting the value-added tax on respirators and medical masks, and abolishing them permanently with regard to the import of alcohol.


  • The government will provide financial support to small businesses, and support will be provided to companies when needed.


It is worth mentioning that the Turkish government has taken early steps to

prevent and slow down the spread of the Coronavirus.


Our team at Maximum Property has complied with the recommendations and requests of the Turkish government

to ensure both the safety of our clients and teams.



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