Maximum Property Action Plan in light of Coronavirus Spread

In light of the global measures being taken to limit the spread of the Coronavirus,
we decided at Maximum Property in Turkey,
to start implementing an action plan that complies with the instructions of the World Health Organization.


Maximum Property Action Plan in light of Coronavirus Spread


In light of our concern for the safety of our team, we decided to implement the recommendations

and procedures to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

We launched a new business plan that ensures continued provision of all services to the fullest extent.

Our technical support team took the necessary measures to provide employees from all departments

with technical solutions that allow them to continue to do their work from home.


Marketing Department


The dedicated team of digital marketers at Maximum Property is following up on the latest developments

and events related to the real estate market in Turkey.

The team delivers this information to all of our followers all over the world via our online platforms,

whether represented by social media pages or through our website.

The team also works to secure special and exclusive offers for clients by communicating with our partners.


Call Center Department


Our team in the Call center department is continuously following up with our clients all over the world to ensure their safety and to answer their inquiries regarding the real estate market in Turkey
and discuss the way the events of the world are affecting it.

The team also shares files and links with clients that contain all the details related to options for real estate opportunities that suit their needs.


Sales Department of Maximum Property


As for our team in the sales department, they are ready to do real estate tours while adhering to safety measures and protocols followed globally.

The sales team also provides real estate management services remotely,
where we at Maximum Property provide a range of services related to property management,
the most important of which are:


  • Paying taxes and getting the tapu.


  • Establishing companies and opening bank accounts.



  • Resale operations and securing the best offers and real estate opportunities.


  • Renting properties and ensuring their safety.


Buying property in Turkey Online


In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also have the service of buying properties online.

Buying property online in Turkey is a new service that we added recently to our list of services.

This service came as a necessity due to the global fear of the spread of coronavirus.

A foreign investor can buy  in Turkey from anywhere in the world
with the help of our team in Maximum Property.

These are the steps of buying property online in Turkey:


  • Contact us to choose the suitable property in terms of location, area, budget and type of property as well.


  • Take the necessary legal measures to delegate our legal team to take the necessary steps
    to reserve the property and follow up on the purchase.


  • Send a down payment or the value of the property in full according to the prior agreement.


  • In the event that the property was purchased for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship,
    our legal team begins the necessary procedures immediately upon receiving the payment.


Contact us for more information and any further inquiries.


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