Maslak District in European Istanbul

Maslak in European Istanbul
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Maslak district in European Istanbul is one of the most luxurious areas of Istanbul.

It is characterized by its skyscrapers and huge commercial complexes in addition to being one of the financial centers of Istanbul.


Maslak district in European Istanbul

The region belongs to Sariyer municipality and is considered a financial and business center in the European part of Istanbul.


The location of Maslak

The area is close to Levent and Sisli, overlooking the Bosphorus, and it is only 25 minutes from Istanbul Airport.

The region is strategically located near all the vital facilities and roads in the city.

It is one of the largest real estate development and construction areas and competes continuously with Levent in terms of skyscrapers.

The area is also close to the Asian side of the city, which makes it a link between the two ends of Istanbul.


The Economic and Investment Importance of Maslak

Maslak is one of the modern areas of Istanbul with its highly organized and high-quality infrastructure.

Which made it a center for attracting local and foreign investments.

The region is one of the most prestigious areas for housing, investment, and even tourism.

Besides, there are many towers and skyscrapers with glass fronts,

and many international companies including banks chose it as the headquarters of their branches.

One of the most important factors that attract investors to it is that it is one of the safest areas concerning earthquakes.

The means of transportation in the area and the street network make it very easy to move

between its neighborhoods and from it to other areas.

The region has many options for real estate investment, as it contains all types of properties with very high specifications.

Shopping Centers in Maslak

Vadi Istanbul.

– The nearby Canyon Mall in Levent.

Universities and International Schools in Maslak

  • Istanbul Technique University.
  • Bosphorus International School
  • British School

Medical Institutions in Maslak

And many other hospitals and health centers that provide the highest levels of health care.


Real Estate Projects in Maslak

Real estate projects in Maslak are luxurious and have high investment value.

Among the very important projects in the region:

  • MAX-280 is located in the center of Istanbul in Katıthane.

The project offers apartments for sale in the center of Istanbul with multiple options,

including investment, residential and commercial.

  • MAX-285 project is one of the distinguished projects with modern exterior design and high investment value.


  • MAX-099 is a project that overlooks Sarıyer Forest, which combines centralization with landscapes.

For more information about the Maslak area and its projects, you can contact us now.


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