Istanbul Real Estate Investment

Istanbul real estate investment
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Istanbul real estate investment is one of the most successful investments and the safest in the long run.

One of the most profitable real estate investments in Istanbul is buying a commercial estate.


 Buying Commercial Properties in Istanbul

The real estate market in Turkey offers many diverse options that guarantee a successful investment.

Istanbul’s real estate investment presents endless opportunities with high returns by buying commercial properties.


Types of Istanbul Real Estate Investment


 Apartments for sale in Istanbul

Real estate investment in the apartments in Istanbul is easy and also offers a huge range of profit.

In addition, the Istanbul apartment market has various options with a huge range of prices.

The prices for these apartments vary according to the location and state of the property.

Most investors decide to buy properties that are under construction in developing locations where it is a must for the property prices to go up.

This investment is suitable for those who are looking for foreigners who are looking for Turkish citizenship.


Contact us for further information regarding apartments for sale in Istanbul.


Villas for Sale in Istanbul


This kind of investment suits investors who are looking for properties suitable for their families and are mostly used as summer houses as well.

Furthermore, Istanbul offers a large number of villas for sale in different locations in the city by the side of the sea.

Usually, the prices are low in comparison to the same quality of properties in other European cities.


Buying Commercial properties in Istanbul, Turkey


Commercial properties in Istanbul are divided into two main categories:

  • Commercial shops: investors can find these properties in shopping centers or residential compounds (markets).
  • Offices: these can be found in commercial buildings built especially to be rented by companies and businesses.


 The Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate in Istanbul

  • Investment return: many real estate projects in Istanbul offer a fixed annual return, reaching up to 10%, for up to 20 years in some cases.
  • The high demand for commercial properties in Istanbul: due to the rise in population, both foreign and domestic in Istanbul, the demand for properties is always on the rise.
  • The constant rise in property prices in Turkey in general and in Istanbul presents profitable, guaranteed, and safe investments in the long run.
  • Turkish Citizenship: real estate companies in Istanbul are always making offers for investors who want to take Turkish citizenship for their investments.
    A foreign investor can buy up to 4 properties for the amount of 250 thousand dollars.
  • Retail Properties: this type of property is still growing in Turkey.
    Shopping centers number is on the rise in Istanbul.
    And all residential compounds have shopping centers and/ or markets for foreign investors to buy and profit from.
  • Offices: many international companies are choosing Istanbul to be the headquarter for their businesses.
    Or to establish companies in Istanbul which means an ever-rising demand for constructing, buying, and renting this type of property.


Istanbul is still witnessing a huge demand for all kinds of properties, locally and internationally speaking.

Istanbul presents a very encouraging and friendly environment for foreign investors, away from any risks.

On the contrary, the real estate market has proven its strength against all hardships, especially when compared to those in Europe.


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