Why to Buy Land in Turkey? Investing in Lands in Turkey

investing in lands in turkey
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Investing in lands in Turkey is one of the best real investments in Turkey.

The number of foreign investors who buy lands in Turkey is on the rise due to many reasons.


Why Buy Land in Turkey?


One of the main reasons that encourage foreign investors to buy land in Turkey

besides the strategic location of the country, is the high percentage of arable land in Turkey.


Factors affecting the decision to buy land in Turkey


  • The strategic geographical location of Turkey, a suitable climate, and the availability of irrigation water.


  • Turkey is in the seventh-place internationally in terms of agricultural production and exportation of food products.


  • It is number one in the list of European countries in terms of agricultural production.


  • The land area in Turkey is about 769 million decares and 632 thousand, the proportion of arable land in which is more than 30%.


  • The variety of agricultural production in Turkey like grains, fruits, vegetables, spices, and ornamental plants.



Encouraging investing in agricultural lands in Turkey


The Turkish government is constantly encouraging foreign investments in agricultural lands.


There are many ways through which the Turkish government is increasing the value of investments in lands in Turkey.


  • The Turkish government provides permanent support to the agricultural sector and its investors, whether local or foreign.


  • The government has issued a program of subsidies and incentives that contribute to reducing the cost of agricultural investment.


  • The minimum area of invested land is set to be 10 thousand square meters.


Foreign investments in agricultural lands in Turkey


There are many different types of investment in terms of agricultural lands as it also includes investing in livestock.


  • Investing in poultry between 22.000 us dollars to 2 million dollars.
  • Bee farms, fish farms, roses, and plant investments.
  • Investing in fruit and vegetable producing lands.



The main cities to buy land in Turkey



Foreign investors are usually choosing one of these cities as a destination for their investment.

Bursa: it is one of the rural cities in Turkey.

It is known as green Bursa due to the vast space of arable lands in it.

Many foreign investors choose Bursa especially to invest in cow and horse farms there.

Izmir, Manisa: Manisa is a rural district in Izmir that has the best offers in terms of investing in walnut lands in Turkey.


There are more cities that investors can head to buy land in Turkey,

for example, Mugla, Istanbul, Canakkale, Polo, Ankara, Antalya, Aydin, Ankara, and Sakaria.


Maximum property for real estate consultancy in Turkey provides many options regarding buying lands and Turkey and managing these lands.

Knowing how difficult it could be to manage this type of property we provide our full and complete support in managing these properties, with the help of our partners who have international experience.


An overview of the role of agricultural investment in the Turkish economy


Turkey is one of the few countries in the world that has achieved food self-sufficiency.
By 2023, it will be among the world’s top five agricultural producers.

Also, by 2023 its agricultural production will exceed 150 billion dollars,

and the amount of agricultural export will reach 40 billion dollars.

The agricultural returns constitute 7.9% of the yearly returns in Turkey.

It also offers employment for 20% of the working force in Turkey.


The decision to buy land in Turkey may not be an easy one but with our help,

we can change it into a profitable investment in every sense of the word.


Contact us to know more about land investment in Turkey.


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