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Duzce city
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On the road of Istanbul-Ankara the two major metropolitan cities in Turkey, there’s a small province that was created originally to be integrated with the perfect combination of literally every majestic element of nature, history, urban life, robust fundamentals for the fruitful agricultural industry, well-developed industrialization, and much more can be found in the green city of Duzce.

We’re taking you on an explorer trip to Duzce, which become recently one the of the excellent prominent alternatives to the major cities in Turkey, with the same high quality in terms of services and luxurious life, but also an impressive competitive market value compared to the other big cities in Turkey:


1- Let’s start with the breathtaking nature of Duzce:

In terms of advantageous location, Duzce gets empowered by its strategic location, located on the focal midpoint of the silk road between Istanbul and Ankara, and out of the importance of the essay’s accessibility, and also its breathtaking nature, the city becomes a tourist attraction for nature lovers, diving and climbing seekers, and also for who interested in history, Duzce offers you many glorious historical spots which dated bake to the Roman Empires’ time BC, plus various civilizations that consider Duzce a focal capital for their empires.

Duzce city encompasses a large number of green spaces, 50% of the total area in the city is verdant forests, with humid subtropical weather that helps revive and keep the blue lakes density.
Both the climate and nature of Duzce helped put the agricultural industry on the top in terms of quality, quantity, and volume of production.

However, some of you might think that Duzce city isn’t more than a small province that is suitable only for spending quality time in the arms of nature, however,  the city has such a robust well-developed infrastructure, rich agricultural sector, leading manufacturing position, and evolved industrial cities, meanwhile, all these elements combined create a competitive economy that would be a perfect alternative to many megacities in Turkey with cheaper property prices.

 2- Economy of Duzce

The economy of Duzce city is most taken into consideration while the city contributes an influential portion of the Turkish GDP, thanks to the variety of financial and economical resources, such as the booming agricultural sector, which is responsible for producing more than 20% of the total hazelnuts in Turkey, also the beekeeping and honey production, that ranked in the top list of the best honey in the world in terms of quality.

Duzce also has a leading manufacturing position locally and internationally, that has been created to involve a considerable figure of industrial factories which eventually formed one of the remarkable industrial cities in Turkey, that responsible for producing the largest percentage of iron and steel, medicine, glass, timber products, tobacco, and textile production, which also counted as one of the leading industries in the city of Duzce, with a notable capacity for exporting its product to the world.
What we trying to draw your attention to is the economical capacity of Duzce city and the continuous process of developing the city, and if all these achievements refer to crucial Indicators, it would be the obtained privilege the foreign investor will gain by investing in Duzce, regardless the sort of investment would be, so let us tell you more about the available investment opportunities within the city of Duzce.


3- Properties in Duzce

Due to the previously mentioned factors of the strong economy of Duzce city, we can surely say that Duzce must grab your attention in terms of real estate investment in Turkey, but why??

Simply due to the privilege of a competitive real estate market in Duzce which is defined as an equilibrium market, where the supplies are balanced with the demand, with a variety of options, and at the same time a process of continuous development proceeding within all the different aspects of Duzce city, that is also would raise the real estate market’s value.

And in terms of renting a property in Duzce city, and taking it as a rental investment, it would also be a brilliant idea, while the city owns one of the leading mega universities in the country, Duzce University,
Duzce University attracts more than 1000 foreign students who mainly suffer from housing due to the high demand in the neighborhood of the university’s campus, therefore buying a real estate property in Duzce and renting it to students, would be profitable investment to do.

The progressive capital appreciation must also be taken into account for investors who are interested in making a profit by doing the resale, while the city is under an ongoing regeneration process by the Turkish government, the value of each meter will continuously increase, and make a profit for foreign investors in Turkey.

Otherwise, purchasing a house in Duzce must be an on your checklist, whether for a vacation house in one of the most beautiful spots in Turkey, that many do not consider just a property, but a paradise to live within, and also for those who are interested in obtaining the Turkish citizenship by investment, Duzce have loads of options to offer you, all you have to do is connecting with Maximum property’s team, and let us grant you the knowledge you must obtain.

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