Buying a property in Turkey by installment

buying a property in Turkey by installment
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Buying a property in Turkey by installment is one of the attractive points for buying properties in Turkey.

Foreign property investors in Turkey can buy properties in installments that can last for more than 5 years.

Buying a property in Turkey by installment

Before buying real estate by installment or cash it is important to make good research.

The research will lead, as well, to choosing the best real estate company that can help in the process of buying a property in Turkey.


How to choose the best real estate company in Turkey?

  • Experience in the Turkish real estate market.
  • Instant communication and regular follow-ups.
  • Accurate and concise information.
  • Full packages of services including the after-sales packages.


The best real estate company in Turkey presents the best offer possible for each client according to their needs.

In addition, buying apartments in Turkey in installments through a real estate company can guarantee a minimum down payment with a long-term installment plan.


Types of apartments in Turkey to buy by installments

The Turkish real estate market is unique concerning the number of opportunities it presents to foreign real estate investors.


One of the best attraction points is the special offers related to the payment methods.


  • Apartments under the Turkish citizenship conditions.

The citizenship is granted after the client has finished all installments, sometimes the title deed is given to the investor with a mortgage sign which is removed after all payments have been made.


  • Residential properties. Many people around the world are moving to Istanbul the cosmopolitan city either to raise their families or to settle in a community very close to theirs.

It is easy for those clients to get offers for apartments for sale in Istanbul in installments with affordable down payments. Installments plans may continue for years.


  • Commercial properties. Usually buying a commercial property in Turkey means a guaranteed investment i.e. with a guaranteed monthly return on the investment.

Investors can also buy these properties in installments.


Conditions for buying real estate in Turkey by installments


In fact, there are no conditions for buying any property in Turkey by installments.

The process includes writing a contract that contains all the details related to the installments and their monthly values.

Some projects offer installment plans that last for years.

When buying a property in Turkey by installment the client may receive the title deed immediately or may receive it after paying 70% of the property’s price.

In any case, adown payment is required, it varies from one project to another.


Projects that offer to buy a property in Turkey by installment

  • Ready for accommodation projects
  • Under construction projects


Furthermore, buying real estate in Turkey by installments is not complicated at all and does not impose any restrictions or conditions on the buyers or investors.

Real estate companies in Turkey can provide very good real estate opportunities that guarantee the easiest installment plan and the most profitable investment possible to their clients.

Buying a property in Turkey by installments involves only a photocopy of the buyer’s passport

and any document that shows their home address anywhere in the world.


Contact us to get more information about the projects that offer to buy properties in Turkey by installments.

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