Buying a Property in Turkey and Residency

buying a property in Turkey and residency
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Of the many advantages that buying a property in Turkey and residency provide for foreigners, a residency permit is an important one.

Real estate for foreigners in Turkey is a safe investment with many benefits for those who are choosing to move to Turkey.

The Advantages of Buying a property in Turkey

  • The Diversity of the Turkish Real Estate

    The Turkish real estate market provides endless options for foreign investors, such as Residential projects in different locations and different prices, suitable for families.
    Or commercial projects for businessmen who are establishing their companies in Istanbul the cosmopolitan city.

  • Turkey’s Growing Economy

    The Turkish economy, especially when it comes to real estate and construction, is constantly growing. Which makes a very appealing environment for foreign investments in Turkey.

  • Business-friendly Environment

    Istanbul is a business-friendly environment due to efforts made by the government.

    Foreign investors are treated the same as the local ones, with tax reductions and easier paperwork.

  • Buying a Property in Turkey and Residency

    Buying a property in Turkey and residency in exchange is one of the most appealing merits of buying real estate in Turkey for foreigners.
    Because the laws in Turkey state that a foreign investor and his family members obtain the Turkish residency permit upon buying a property.

  • Buying a Property in Turkey and Citizenship

    When a foreign investor makes an investment in Turkey with 500.000 US Dollars, or by buying a property in Turkey with 250.000 US dollars.
    The investor, their spouse, and children 18 and below have the right to Turkish citizenship.

  • Long Term Investment

    The Turkish real estate sector has proven its strength in the last couple of years.
    It presents many opportunities for foreign investors over the long term with a glowing economy and the growing demand for real estate, which in return guarantees the stability of the investment as well as a growing return.

  • Mega Infrastructure Projects

    Moreover, megaprojects in Turkey play a huge part in the development of the real estate sector.
    The biggest construction companies in Turkey have already constructed one of the biggest airports in the world in Istanbul.

  • The Central Location

    The central location of Istanbul has been of great value to the economy.
    Consequently making Istanbul an international business hub with many multi-international companies establishing branches, or even moving their headquarters to Istanbul.

  • Education

    Turkey has one of the best educational systems in the region.

    Educational establishments in Turkey vary from public schools to prestigious international academies.

    Public and private universities also provide a high-quality education.


Buying a property in Turkey does not carry only these advantages.

Making Turkey a second home is a right move both economically and residentially.

Contact us for more information about buying a property in Turkey and residency.

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