Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate in the World in 2019

Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate in the World in 2019
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Turkey is one of the best countries to invest in real estate in the world in 2019,

but there are also some destinations around the world that are considered among the best countries for real estate investments.


Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate in the World in 2019


Real estate investment is one of the most popular investments around the world.

But there are some points that any investor should take into consideration before they choose the country to invest in real estate in the world in 2019.


The Factors Affecting Real Estate Investment in the World


  • They should look for an area or a city with high rental occupancy.
    If the investor is buying a property, they should look for the countries or cities where there is a high demand for renting properties.

For example, in major cities, in capitals and cities where there are many students who go for study.


  • High rental returns are also a must.
    The rental returns should come close to the mortgage cost or installments if the investor is buying properties and paying by monthly installments.


  • The possibility of managing the property from afar.
    Some investors buy properties and do not move in but they rather renting these properties for a while.

In this case, they should be looking for a real estate company that can manage the property for them and collect rent money and pay the required taxes.


  • Full ownership of the property.
    This factor is important to check as not all countries offer full property ownership for foreign investors.


There are many real estate markets in the world that provide profitable investment opportunities.


 Best Countries to Invest in Real Estate in the World in 2019


  • Turkey

    Turkey is one of the top 10 destinations for real estate investments in the world.

    Rental yields in Turkey are high ranging between 5% to 20% in some cases.

    As well as, real estate prices in Turkey are on the rise making it now a good opportunity to buy real estate in the country.
    The benefits of buying a property in a country like Turkey are countless.

    The most important are residency and Turkish citizenship.

These advantages among others make Turkey one of the best countries to invest in real estate in the World in 2019.


Contact us for more information about the Turkish real estate market.



  • Brazil

    Brazil is a big country with many different real estate markets.

    In addition, beach fronts are very reasonable areas to invest in properties there as they are tourist attraction points and guarantee a good return on the investment.

  • France

    It may not be the best destination for a real estate investment but still, it offers good opportunities and it provides one of the best long-term investments for real estate.

    France has one of the most foreign-friendly investment systems in Europe.

The interest on mortgages is low and the loan system is simple and fair.


  • Mexico

    Mexico is the first destination for Canadians and Americans for real estate investment.

    It offers great real estate investment opportunities as the middle class is still growing and the demand for rental is increasing.

Mexico is among the first real estate rental investments in the world.


  • Thailand

    Most foreign real estate investors focus on the condo market as the restrictions are less and more manageable. Furthermore, it is easy to manage and as Bangkok was the most visited city in the world in 2018 it is only logical to make property rental investments in this country.


  • Panama

    Pana is one of the best Countries to invest in real estate in the World in 2019.

    Besides it is a good place for foreign investors for two main reasons; apartments for renting and agricultural real estate.

    Investing in the agricultural properties in this country guarantees a good return on the investment.


  • Portugal

    The real estate market in Portugal has been drawing attention since 2015 and as a result, it became one of the most overpriced markets in the world.

    It offers good deals for foreign investors as it is one of the few European countries that provide mortgages for non-residents.


Among all these countries Turkey still provides the most shining real estate opportunity with facilitations that make it a guaranteed investment in a very friendly foreign investment environment.

The prices are also reasonable and affordable when compared to other European countries.



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