10  Reasons to Invest in Turkey

10 reasons to invest in Turkey
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There are many reasons to invest in Turkey, which we can summarize in 10 main reasons.

10  Reasons to Invest in Turkey

  • The strong Turkish economy

The Turkish economy is currently one of the strongest emerging economies in the world.

Turkey is expected to become among the 5 largest economies in the world by 2023.

  • The size of the local and European Union markets

The size of the Turkish domestic market allows access to more than 85 million consumers.

Easy access to European Union markets and free trade areas allows access to more than 945 million consumers worldwide.

  • Strategic location

Geographical proximity to the main markets of the world and easy access to 1.5 billion people, and a total of $ 24 trillion of gross GDP in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia.

Which are within only 4 hours flight.

Because of Turkey’s strategic location:

Turkish Airlines connects you with 255 destinations in 122 countries.

Turkey has become a major manufacturing and export center for multinational companies, including:

Toyota: it exports 85% of its production from Turkey to the world.

Ford: it exports 77% of its production from Turkey.

Turkey has a production base for Nestlé for the Middle East and North Africa region.

The headquarters of the largest production facility of Hugo Boss in the world is located in Turkey.


  • Demographics

Half of the population in Turkey is under 31 years old.

  • Skilled and affordable labor force

The education system in Turkey has been updated to support skilled workers that meet job requirements.

  • The ongoing reforms

Turkey has implemented comprehensive reforms in many areas and continues to work on new reforms in all sectors.

  • Business-friendly

offers protection and ease of doing business due to the following:

Foreign Direct Investment Law that adheres to international arbitration, foreign investors receive national treatment.

And there are no restrictions on foreign ownership, the guarantee of transfers as well as the employment of ex-pats.

Turkey has bilateral investment protection treaties with 75 countries.

In addition to treaties to avoid double taxation with 80 countries.

  • Profitable incentives

The Turkish government provides incentives with many incentives, including:

Manufacturing incentives: tax deduction and exemption.

Employment incentives: provide the necessary support to qualify and train the workforce.

Dedicated industrial zones, organized and developed infrastructure.

Special incentives for service exporters such as engineering, programming, design, and other services.

Special areas for technology development and research and development support in addition to a tax deduction and tax exemption.

  • Research and development in a supportive environment

The Turkish government continues to support research and development centers as there are

more than 100 research centers for foreign companies in Turkey.

Among these companies, we mention Huawei, Toyota, DHL, Panasonic, and Fiat.

  • Opportunities

Turkey provides countless investment opportunities with very high profits.

These opportunities extend to all areas, especially real estate investment.

All these reasons make Turkey a suitable destination to secure a promising future for all family members by choosing the best investment.

Real estate investment is one of these reasons that makes Turkey a destination for many who want to take Turkey as a base to start a new life.

For more information about the real estate investment opportunities that we provide to you at Maximum Property, you can contact us now.

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