Kagithane in the Center of Istanbul

Kagithane is in the center of Istanbul, next to many well-known areas of the city.

It is near to Sişli, Beyoglu and Eyüp regions.

The area is strategically located in terms of transportation knots, as it is extremely easy to reach many vital areas in the city from Kaighthane.

Work is underway to connect the area with Istanbul Airport on the one hand, and the third bridge on the other.

in addition to the underwater tunnel connecting the Asian and European sections of the city.

With the urban development going on in the region, major construction companies have gone to the Kaghithane to participate in its architectural renaissance by constructing several residential and commercial projects such as shopping centers, hotels, dorms, and offices, making it attractive for property investment.

There are many factors that contribute to making this region suitable for real estate investment.

Reasons for buying a property Kagithane

  • The high demand for residential and office apartments for rent in the region.
  • Continuously rising prices, which means a continuous increase in the value of investments as well.
  • Its strategic location near all the vital and famous areas of the city.
  • Its presence within the urban development plan that the Turkish government is working on in many areas in the center of Istanbul.

Property prices in Kâğıthane

The prices differ in the projects in Kagithane according to several factors,

including the construction phase of the project if it is ready for housing or under construction.

On average, we can say that real estate prices in Kagithane range from 4,000 Turkish liras to 12,000 Turkish liras per square meter.

It is noticeable that property prices in the region are constantly increasing due to the increase in demand for real estate purchases there.

The percentage of sales in the region increased to more than 80% during the past few years.

Based on all the above, we note that the region is becoming more and more important with time as it attracts many foreign and local investors.

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