About Turkey

Yalova: The Backyard of Istanbul

    Yalova city is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities, which is distinguished by its beautiful green nature and wonderful beaches. The city attracts many tourists from all over the world.     Information about the City of Yalova   Yalova city is on the northwestern side of Turkey on the eastern shore of the Marmara Sea. Bursa to the south and Kocaeli to the...

10  Reasons to Invest in Turkey

There are many reasons to invest in Turkey, which we can summarize in 10 main reasons.   10  Reasons to Invest in Turkey   The strong Turkish economy   The Turkish economy is currently one of the strongest emerging economies in the world. Turkey is expected to become among the 5 largest economies in the world by 2023.   The size of the local and...

Moving to Turkey 2020

Moving to Turkey in 2020 is a decision that many foreigners take for a variety of reasons. Turkey is distinguished by its cultural diversity and is a beautiful link between the orient and the west. Living in Turkey can be viewed through different perspectives, such as the cost of living as well as the quality of life in Turkey.   The Cost of Living in Turkey in 2020   The cost of...

Turkey begins manufacturing ventilators locally

  At a time when many countries suffer from a severe shortage of medical devices, Turkey began manufacturing ventilators locally within a period of two weeks in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic.   Turkey begins manufacturing ventilators locally   The Turkish government announced starting the manufacturing and production of ventilators urgently, before registering any...

Tourism in Turkey 2020

  The tourism sector in Turkey 2020 witnessed achieving a record with regards to the number of tourists arriving in Turkey in the first couple of months of 2020. Statistics showed that 1,787,435 foreign visitors arrived in Turkey at the beginning of this year, and that means achieving an increase of 16.11%. compared to the same period of 2019.   Tourism in Turkey 2020   In light of...

Measures to Control the Spread of Coronavirus in Turkey

The Turkish government has taken many measures in the fight against the spread of coronavirus. The first coronavirus case in Turkey was announced on the tenth of March 2020. In this article, we will mention the updates related to coronavirus in Turkey.   Measures to Control the Spread of Coronavirus in Turkey   Before mentioning the measures that the Turkish government has...

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